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On Ryles’ Map of Burslem c 1720 The George and Dragon stood at the junction of Swan Square and Nile Street, where the current George stands. 

From 1647, The George and Dragon as it was know then, was an inn under the management of Thomas Daniel although there is speculation as to whether it was 10 years later or not!

The George Inn was one of many public houses in the Potteries that was attacked and ransacked during the infamous “Chartist Riots” in 1842. It was attacked twice, once on August 6th and then 10 days later on August 16th. The latter was more brutal with the cellars being invaded and drink consumed to fuel the fury of the agitators.

The George had a colourful past, and with so many memories it remains in the heart of many local people. It is a land mark, the heart of Burslem, a place that has affected the lives of so many people.
Generations of families have wed in The George, and in some cases, this goes back 3 generations, thus many locals have family ties with the hotel.

Today, the George still stands proudly in the centre of Swan Square. With a dedicated team working tirelessly in front of house as well as behind the scenes, the “family” still goes on keeping up the tradition of the very first inn keeper to provide board and lodgings and provide a service that you would get if you were at home! The unique atmosphere bears a resemblance of what it would have been like all those years ago. The George echoes the motto of the Burslem Coat of Arms…“Ready”