• Craig Carter

Mammy's Boys Comedy Event Not to be Missed

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Mammy’s Boys are back in town...”THATS NICE” Get ready for an uproarious night on the lash with the mother of all comedy–Mrs Agnes Brown. Agnes and Winnie are spending a quiet night in Foley’s bar, waiting for Agnes’ children to return from a trip to Spain. When Dermot, Rory, Mark and Cathy arrive, they come with surprising news about their late father. An outrageous evening full of surprises and belly laughs, featuring all your favourite characters from the hit sitcom, as Buster himself might say, “You’d have to be eejit to miss it.” Please note: Mrs Brown Boys does not use scripting from the Mrs Browns Boys television series. The actors play out a series of original scenarios through improvisation and physical comedy and interaction in tribute to the Mrs Browns Boys television show.

To book your Space please gives us a call on 01543 572 121 or drop us a email at

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